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If you’re looking for high quality and personal lessons you’ve come to the right place. At East Haven Guitar Lessons I can show you proven methods to improve you're playing at a quicker pace. 

You CAN learn to play the guitar 
You are not musically tone deaf or whatever excuses people have told you
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Find out were your playing frustrations come from and how to solve the problems that hold back your progress

How will you find out what I want to be able to do with the guitar and what I need in order to reach my goals and play what I want to play?
A normal guitar teacher will just ask you what styles of music you listen to and what songs you would like to learn. Then they will just teach you these songs. We will set up an initial free introductory session for you. During this initial session we will talk with you and can assess where you are at with your guitar playing, what are your ultimate goals (you might be surprised!), and what you need in order to take the next step, if you are intermmediate or advanced player or to simply get started if you are a beginner.

I am looking for the cheapest teacher around! Surely your lessons are not expensive? A normal guitar teacher does not have many students and the only way he has to attract you is to give very low rates. The cheapest teachers tend also to be the less experienced ones and they will often teach you the wrong things or foster bad habits. All money spent in these kind of lessons is money down the drain. We fix the damage that cheap guitar lessons and average teachers cause to their students.

 Great guitar teachers are always in demand and in return they give you the best learning strategies and the results you are expecting. This does not mean that a good teacher is expensive: we have many different programs to accommodate students on any budget, and you can be sure that you are making a sound investment with us. However we definitely are not the cheapest option around. If you are sick, you should not choose the cheapest doctor around. In the same way, if you want to get better at playing guitar you should not choose the cheapest option. For more info on how a quality teacher can SAVE you money, download this guide on choosing the right guitar teacher.
How can you prove that your teaching strategies are effective? Most teachers cannot do this: they do not even HAVE a teaching strategy! They may know something about music but they never really studied how to TEACH an instrument. Also unlike other guitar teachers around we constantly work on improving our teaching skills. 

Free No Obligation GUITAR LESSON
Do you want to start playing but don't have a clue where to begin?
You Can Learn To Play the Guitar The Way You've Always Wanted To!
Do you want to improve your guitar playing but don't know how?
Are you tired of not sounding the way you've always wanted to?
Do your children want to learn to play?
You can Maxamize results if you have Minimal time
You try to teach yourself but become overwhelmed.
You have hit a point and you may be stuck and can't move forward no
matter what you do.
These feelings of musical hopelessness has caused many promising guitar players to quit.
I am so confident that I can alleviate your current musical
frustrations and start you powering towards your musical goals
that I am offering you a guitar lesson ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Don't spend another day:
Watching your guitar gather dust and feeling guilty for never playing it.
Thinking you should take guitar lessons every time you hear one of
your favorite songs.
Wishing you had kept playing every time you see a band .

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